How To Improve K-6 Student Reading Skills

Elementary Reading (K-6th) Tutorial

How To Improve K-6 Student Reading Skills


The problem with reading comprehension for K-6 students is that a student needs and understanding of the words that the student reads. Students cannot read words they do not know or recognize. The solution is to build up the student’s vocabulary and recognition of “sight words” – words that a student knows when they see the word. The reading problem is solved by creating a “Word Wall. ” The student begins reading and when they stop reading because they do not know the word the tutor uses a highlighter or underlines the word. This word is put on a separate paper with the title ” (student’s name) Word Wall”. The student writes the word on his Word Wall with a simple definition that they can easily remember. After the student finishes reading the selection the tutor will review all the words on the Word Wall. With practice, the student will be able to recognize the new words when reading a selection and reading comprehension will go up.

Sample Problem

A student is reading the book “Hot Wheels Super Stunt Show.” The following text is read – “Hydroracers make bridge jumping easy.” The student stops reading because the student doesn’t know the word “Hydroracers.”


The word is put on the Word Wall and the tutor asks the student if he or she knows the word. The student does not know the word. The tutor shows the student the picture of a Hydroracer in the book and asks “What do you think a Hydroracer is?” The student looks at the picture and says “Is it a boat?” The tutor says yes – a Hydroracer is a racing boat. The student writes ” A racing boat” for the definition of Hydroracer next to the word Hydroracer because it is a definition that can easily be remembered. When the student has finished reading the book all the words on the Word Wall are reviewed with the student. With practice the student will build a vocabulary word knowledge and become a better reader!

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