How to memorize vocabulary like a pro

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How to memorize vocabulary like a pro


One mistake students tend to make when memorizing vocabulary is to solely rely on maintenance rehearsal. Maintenance rehearsal is when you continuously repeat the information you’re trying to learn. This can be verbal but it also applies to writing a concept multiple times. This can take a long, long time especially when you’re trying to memorize many vocabulary words. Additionally, this form of rehearsal is only effective when you are trying to memorize a small amount of information for a short period of time. The best and most effective way to understand and memorize vocabulary words is to use elaborative rehearsal. It involves relating new information to information you already know. You can do this by relating a vocab word to something related to you or something that is familiar to you. But there is evidence that we memorize things better when they are related to ourselves. An alternative way to effective memorize vocabulary is to put it into a sentence.

Sample Problem

For example,
A SAT vocab word “affluent” means to be wealthy or have a great deal of money.

How can we effectively retain this information without forgetting it’s meaning in a short period of time?

Affluent- to be wealthy
Affluent- to be wealthy
Affluent- to be wealthy

^^^ This method is not only tedious but the information can only be retained for a short period of time.


Elaborative method:

Relating it to the information you already know:
Oprah is an affluent person. (because Oprah is wealthy)

Relating it to yourself:

I dream to be an affluent person in the future. (Who doesn’t want to be wealthy?)

The key is to relate new information to the information in your long-term memory. That way you can retain the information for a longer period of time.

Hope this helps 😉

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