How to read text books.

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How to read text books.


Reading textbooks can be monotonous and boring. You ever read a sentence over and over again and never retain any of the information you read? Well I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you get through.

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Reading text books is a daunting task. With these tips you will slowly become a pro at reading and retaining information.


Step 1- Look at the subject you are reading about. It’s very easy to simply jump into a section of reading without fully exploring that subject. For example if you are reading a history book, and you are reading a chapter about US Westward expansion then take a moment and brainstorm what you know about the topic.

Step 2- Break text into chunks. Many Textbooks can become walls of text that seem intimidating one way to help circumvent this is to break the text up into chunks. Read one small section and see what you retain from it, and re read it till you understand the concept that’s being taught.

Step 3- Take notes and/or annotate. Writing down information you just learned is one of tbe best ways to retain that info. You are effectively processing that information twice creating new synapses in your brain and helping you maintain that information.

Step 4- Take Breaks were needed. Processing do mich information at once can be exhausting. While reading take breaks when needed not too long but long enough to keep your mind focused and alert.

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