How to Structure a Historical Paper

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How to Structure a Historical Paper


Begin by having a basic knowledge of your subject; for instance, Women’s rights and equality during the French Revolution.
Do research into your topic and understand where you are going to go within your paper: your BROAD IDEA. What are you trying to prove? Who are you convincing (your audience)? What is the purpose of your paper?
Once this is figured out, begin formulating your thesis. This should be a single sentence, maybe two if needed, that outlines what your paper is going to be about. It is usually the second to last sentence in your introduction paragraph. In theory, your thesis typically contains 3 main points. These 3 points you will detail and explain in three separate paragraphs that will create the body of your paper.
Your three main points should heavily support your thesis and your overall argument. (see below for examples). You should include 2-3 examples i.e. quotes from the text (books or book).
Once your three main points are written out and explained, it is time to wrap up your paper with your final paragraph. The conclusion should reiterate what your first paragraph outlined. The main purpose of the conclusion is to help your audience understand your argument in full. It is to help fully prove your point.

Sample Problem

Main Idea: Women’s rights during the French Revolution

Focus: Olympe de Gouges’ works that influenced men and women alike to campaign for basic human rights.

Three Main Points:
– Social circles in favor of equality
. quote
. commentary and justification
. commentary and justification
– Caused upheavals in rejection to women outside of the home
. q
. c&j
. c&j
– Furthered nationalism
. q
. c&j
. c&j


In conclusion, your paper should look as such:


3 paragraphs


This creates a basic historical essay, if you have any questions, give me a call 🙂

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