How to Study Your Spelling Words

Elementary Reading (K-6th) Tutorial

How to Study Your Spelling Words


Spelling can be challenging. If you practice using a spelling strategy then you can become great at spelling! The Spelling Method you will use is easy and can be fun. You can spell the words with a partner, group or all by yourself.

Sample Problem

You have a spelling test coming up. You need a quick and easy way to study your spelling words.


1. First, get your spelling supplies: pencil, markers, 3 X 5 note cards, spelling list, 1 sheet of paper
2. Write each spelling word on a separate note card using the dark colored markers like blue, red, green, brown. Then. write each spelling word on a separate note card again.
3. You now have 2 sets of your spelling words.
4. To begin studying play memory:
First, shuffle all of your spelling cards. Then turn them all over so that you cannot see the words on a flat surface where you can begin the game. After all the cards are turned over turn over 2 cards and see if they match. If they don’t turn them over so that you cannot see the words. Then, keep turning over two cards at a time until you have matched the words.
5. Next, you will use only one set of your spelling cards.
6. Take your sheet of paper and fold it in half. On your sheet of paper, make a list from 1 to (number of spelling words you are studying). Take a card from your spelling cards. Say each letter of the word. Write each letter of the word on your sheet of paper. Do this until you have practiced each spelling word.
7. Read your spelling words out loud using the list you have written on your paper.
8. Now, take a card from your spelling cards and read the word then spell the word with your eyes closed. Do this with each word.
9. Using your sheet of paper, test yourself.
10.Have another person call the words out to you and take a practice spelling test.

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