How to Surf through a language and make it your own

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How to Surf through a language and make it your own


Learning a new language for a lot of people can be pretty frustrating. Not being able to understand, to pronounce, feeling silly speaking are some of the few problems someone may encounter attempting to learn a new language.

Sample Problem

Oh! This sounds Greek or Chinese to me… I can never say that… All I know is English… are some of the phrases I’ve heard over and over again.


However, learning a language can be more fun than you ever imagined. It’s only a process of introducing and rewiring your brain to a new code of communication.
Keep this in mind!

The easiest way to learn a language is how we learn when we are children. That is by our innate refined perception. Simply said, it’s natural. Firstly, you need not feel intimidated to something different than what you are used to. The human brain can easily adjust to something new as long as we are open to it.

This sounds TOO! simple, but this is REALLY the key to learning.
feeling like an outsider to this language will only make you an outsider, so most importantly be open, listen. Use your senses.

Listen. Listening to a language, even if you don’t understand a word will get you insight on the music of the language, the phonetics, the sound and rhythm. Tune yourself to the frequency.

Now you can start to make associations to anything that sounds familiar with your native language. (For example: If you are studying the romance languages a word like ”communication” will only be different because of it’s ending few letters and pronounciation. In French, it will be the same, in Italian it is written ”communicazione”) So, for starters feel comfortable by what you do understand and what you can relate to.
Keep your ”satellite” open.

When you feel at home just listening to a language, you will eventually here repetitive sounds. Stay alert! Whether you are listening to someone speak, to the radio, or watching a foreign movie, pay great attention and hold on to repetitive sounds.
They are your keys: Most of the times they will be connective words of common pronouns frequently used.

Now! The music begins to take some form. You can do the same, picking up a book in the foreign language you desire to learn. Start with something simple, but not so elementary. We want to progress fast, which means our brain has no time for boredom and learns at a quicker rhythm.

So let’s say you picked up a book of poetry (ex. Pablo Neruda) if your aiming at understanding and speaking Spanish. You can find the book in Spanish with the analogous English translation on the opposite page. If you do, focus on the original language. Read the poem over and over at different speeds.
*Slow speeds help in allowing the language to seep through your brain like honey.
*High speeds for when you get used to your text will have you feeling even 1% closer to a native speaker. Now it will seep under your skin.

Have fun enjoy, play around.
Now it’s time to have a dictionary or your Google Search engine at hand.
Start to look at your words, give them meaning. Even if your not ready to store them in your own memory yet.

It’s OK! No need to feel frustrated. It’s part of the process.

Have a notebook at hand and note down words you feel familiar to, sort of understand, small phrases, words you like! and look at them throughout your day.
Before you know it, YOU WILL KNOW much more than you ever expected.
Believe me, this is how I learned the SIX languages I speak!!!
Be Open throughout the entire process. You will build up your language faster than analyzing a verb for a week as in more conventional methods.
Eventually you will do that too!
But always make it a pleasurable, stress free process and I assure you will learn a lot faster, just surfing through!!!

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