How to Write A Basic 5-Paragraph Essay

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How to Write A Basic 5-Paragraph Essay


So, your teacher is making you write an essay. It’s easy enough to start writing, but often times you don’t know where to go after you start. Here’s a guide to write a solid 5-paragraph essay!

Sample Problem

“Write a 5 paragraph essay”

For this example, let’s say the topic is an argumentative essay for your English class. The prompt is, “How should global warming be addressed in society?”


In your essay, there are three major things that you must have:

-Topic sentence
-A thesis statement

Once you have these, the rest of your paper falls into place.

A TOPIC SENTENCE is your overview of your subject. It can be a “hook”, which is an interesting statement or question that pulls the reader in, or even a famous quote. The topic sentence should be relevant to your paper in some way.

So, for our prompt “How should global warming be addressed in society?”, we could say:

EX: In the last several years, the commentary on global warming has increased to a new height, drawing in both scientists and critics.


EX: Global warming has risen astronomically throughout the past several years, leading to new critiques and new developments.

After the topic sentence, write a few sentences on your topic. They can include more points you’d like to bring up, or relevant non-argumentative information on your topic.

THE THESIS STATEMENT is a sentence that states your argument for your paper, as well as the specific arguments that you’d like to address. It should be to the point and clear so that the reader (or your teacher) can easily figure out what your essay will be about.

For the example prompt, a thesis statement might be:

Because of the rise in global warming, society should take an active role in its prevention by creating regulations, increasing mass media information, and taxing cars that pollute the environment.

In that thesis statement, my major argument was that “society should take an active role” in global warming. My arguments to be addressed in the paper were: ” creating regulations, increasing mass media information, and taxing cars that pollute the environment”. This leads into our next topic:

ARGUMENTS: The points of your paper that support your thesis and develop your paper into a coherent argument. These will also be the major body paragraphs of your paper. You could have 3 (usual amount), 5, or even 10, but the structure is the same.

For each argument body paragraph, there should be an introductory sentence that explains what that paragraph will be about.

In this topic, it could be:

Creating regulations allows the government to ensure a healthy and well-managed environment for all citizens.

After your introduction sentence, you talk more in depth about that argument.
This should be somewhere between 5-7 sentences. After that, write your next paragraph, and your next one, until you’re done.

Now it’s time to conclude your essay. In your conclusion paragraph, restate your argument, as kind of a variation on your previous thesis statement. Then, summarize the main points of your paper.

That’s all it takes to write a strong, well-written 5-paragraph paper! Good luck!

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