How to Write the Best College Admissions Essay in 7 Quick Steps.

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How to Write the Best College Admissions Essay in 7 Quick Steps.


OK. So you are at that point in your College Application when you have to write the College Admissions Essay.

Are you wondering what kind of essay will actually get you into the college of your Dreams?

Are you quite confident how to go about the rest of your application but you’re not sure where to start with the essay?

Everyone knows that the essay, as well as the supplementary essays, is such a crucial part of your application. It gives you the chance to stand out. More than that, it has the power to persuade the Admissions Readers that you are the perfect fit for that college or university.

The essay, furthermore, is a chance for your Reader to get a glimpse into your personality. This is something that hard data- your exam scores, GPA, and other numbers- simply cannot provide.

The College Admissions Essay is your chance to shine, to be remembered. You want to be unlike any other candidate. You want to give extra value to that college or university, that no one else can.

Sample Problem

Well, this is the one big secret about the Essay:
The most important part of the College Admissions Essay is YOU.

Yes, you can do all the research you want. There are multiple sources on the Internet and there are many free samples of essays of successful college applicants.

Your readers have likely read thousands of essays in their career and many more thousands of books in their lifetime. They can detect if you are trying too hard.

They can see through your writing, if you have not been honest.

Because they want to hear your authentic voice.


Now let’s go through the 7 steps that lead to ultimate success.

Step 1. Decide on a Topic: Determine Your Most Distinctive Quality
Are you incredibly intellectually curious?

Or a fighter who never gives up?

Or are you very sensitive to your environment, and empathetic towards people?

Have there been special moments in your life that challenged you to cultivate these qualities? Stories, stories, stories. It is all about telling an engaging story that really reflects your strongest qualities, or how you came to develop them.

There is no right or wrong answer. Write honestly about what truly applies to you.

Step 2. Write a First Draft: Apply Automatic Writing,
Release Fear

Now that you have five or six qualities on paper that you have decided to be most important, it is time to sit down and write.

Do not overthink it.

Let the imaginative process take over.

Let yourself just write. No fear, no judgment. Just free write. Jot down stories that come to mind, details carved in your brain. Write the instinctive thoughts that you suddenly want to share.

Give yourself an hour of pure creativity and spontaneity. A bit like writing in your journal.

Step 3. Ask yourself: What is the One Idea I Want To Convey?

Sometimes we get lost in the many ideas of what we want to say. Now that you have jotted down some creative things and have remembered some fascinating anecdotes, ask yourself:

What is the one idea that I want the Admissions Readers to take from this essay?

Step 4. Tell Your Story
Tell your story and be smart about it.

Choose a story that uses particular examples that showcase those wonderful qualities that you wrote down.

Whether it has to do with your sensitivity to your cultural heritage, your people skills, your drive and ambition: there is always a story behind how you developed these qualities. Your struggles and the challenges you faced would be amazing focal points of such an essay.

Step 5. Be Yourself and Be Honest
The admissions officers repeat this over and over again. You can see it on many college websites.


Because they want to see that you are an original, unique individual. By keeping your authentic tone you give yourself the opportunity to show them what makes you exceptional.

Your essay is your chance to make your application different from all the others. You want to stand out, not blend in.

Step 6. Keep an Authentic Tone
It is as Simple as That: Write in Your Own Voice.

With the free availability of too many Essay Samples of Former Successful Candidates, you might be tempted to sound like someone else who already was admitted into your Dream University. Don’t.
Also, you can let your teachers or other adults give their opinions on your essay; however, please make sure you don’t end up sounding like them. You are 17, not 40. Your admissions Readers know that.

Step 7. Get Feedback from an Experienced Educator.
Ok, if you feel a bit overwhelmed at any point, and would like a set of fresh eyes, a good mentor could make all the difference.

I am here to guide you. I have been where you are now and I have guided other students to success. We can embark on this journey together so that you can reap the best results: send me a message to learn more!

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