Intro into Writing a Thesis

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Intro into Writing a Thesis


When writing an essay for any class it is important to start with a thesis. Now these tend to be the hardest to come up with in such a short period of time plus the thesis is the foundation for the essay itself. Don’t stress, this tutorial is to guide you in the right direction of how to start off an essay.

Sample Problem

Topic: Write about a remarkable artist.
(Van Gough, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc)

Choice: Leonardo Da Vinci

Three things Da Vinci is known for:
1. St. John the babtist
2. the last supper
3. mona lisa

So here is what we should have so far to pull the thesis statement together…

Leonardo Da Vinci was an extraordinary artist due to the Mona Lisa, St. John the Baptist, and the Last Supper paintings that are infamous to our culture today.

Even though it is simple it is a start on creating a thesis.


First brainstorm ideas or toss around ideas that relate closely to the subject at hand. Think of artists you have a good deal of knowledge in and keep in mind that it is okay to research an artist to get a pretty good idea what t write about, because the more information you can learn the easier a thesis will be to write.

Secondly come up with 3 things that contribute to the topic that you are writing about.

Then tie the whole thing together by switching words around from the topic laced into the idea you chose with the three things that contributed with the topic.

Just repeat these steps, practice, and absorb the information then you should be ready to write your next thesis for in class writing.

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