Intro to exponents

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Intro to exponents


Remember exponents? In pre-algebra you work with the letter x/y that represents a number. We can have x/y given to us and you plug the number into the problem and solve or you have to solve it algebraically. You may have to simplify the problem to get an exponent. This is what we will be doing today.

Sample Problem




Step 1: Determine your number. (here it is 8)
Step 2: count how many variables (letters) you have. (here it is 3. (abc))
Step 3: count how many of each variable you have. (a has 4. b has 4. c has 4.)
Step 4: Put the number of each variable as an exponent with your number in front. ( 8a^4b^4c^4)

Now you are finished!

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