indian unioun for pure and applied chemistry its a full form of IUPAC its a general name of organic compound.

Sample Problem

many student not write or know of some organic compund like CH3COOH,C2H5OC2H5, CH3COOC2H5,CH3COOC3H7 etc ..


so every student follow these rules
counting chain
step:1 firstly funtional group
step:2 secondly double or triple bond
step:3 thirdly side chain
step:4 fouthly long chain

writing step
step:1 write side chain name
step:2 write no. of carbon atom in chain
step:3 write double triple and single bond name
step:4 write functional group name

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my strong subject is chemistry if my studens satisfied with me and i will teach very slowly all concept clear is very deeply . if chemistry is very tough work but in my style its a very simple or easy.
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