Journaling in Early Education

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Journaling in Early Education


Many students find themselves in a position where they must write an essay or story for school; but because they either lack the skills or the confidence in their ability, they do not complete the task. Journaling gets a student interested and involved in daily writing, and in activities that help when faced with new writing assignments.

Sample Problem

A student in 6th grade is asked to write a paper on a book they have read in class. The student doesn’t know what to write or where to start, so either does not do the assignment, or does an incomplete job of it.


Daily Journaling.
Have the student create and decorate a personal writing journal.
Then give them a list of topics. These topics are best done as open-ended sentences, such as: I love to_____, I hate it when_____, My favorite place to go is______, My favorite food is_______, etc.

Then, every day, have them pick one of these to write about in detail for 10-15 minutes.
Let them know- they are not graded on the work itself, but the amount they write and participation.
Have them use these journals when you have assembly’s or field trips to write about what they did and did not like about them.
Allowing self-expression helps build their confidence in their ability to write assignments.
Each week- give a short writing assignment.
Ask “If you had to write about____, where would you start, and what would you write about.
This is a critical thinking exercise that prepares them for actual assignments.
Use a point system and rewards for participation.
This can be done at home, or in a classroom setting!

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