La Famille (Lah Fah-mee-yy) – Human relations: Part 2

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La Famille (Lah Fah-mee-yy) - Human relations: Part 2


Today we are continuing our series of human relations. We are going to talk about family. Family in French is “La Famille/Une Famille” (Fah-mee-yy), feminine word.
So let’s see what family is composed of:

Sample Problem

Familiar form of speaking: Papa, Maman, Tata, Tati, Tonton, Papi, Mami, p’tit/p’tite.

Normal simple form: Le père, La mere, Le fils, La fille, La tante, L’oncle, Le grand-père, La grand-père, le bébé, la nièce, le neveu, le cousin, la cousine, le beau-père, la belle-mère, Les parents, Les enfants.


Familiar way of speaking:
Papa (Pah-pah): Pops, Pa.
Maman (Mah-manh):Mum, mom.
Tata/Tati/Tanty (tah-tah/tah-tee/tanh-tee): Aunty.
Tonton (tonh-tohn): Uncl’, “unk”.
Papi (Pah-pee): Peepaw, grandpa.
Mami (Mah-mee): Meemaw, grandma.
P’tit/P’tite (ptee/pteet): little one.

Normal or simple way of speaking and writing:
Le père (Loeh paer): The Father.
La mère (Lah maer): The Mother.
Le fils (Loeh feels): The son.
La fille (Lah fee-yy): The daughter.
La tante (Lah tanht): The aunt.
L’oncle (Lonh-cl): The uncle. It is supposed to be “Le oncle”, but when 2 vowels meet, they are transformed to “l apostrophe”.
Le grand-père (Loeh granh-paer): The grand-father.
La grand-père (Lah granh-paer): The grand-mother.
Le bébé (Loeh bay-bay): The newborn.
La nièce (Lah nee-ess): The niece.
Le neveu (Loeh noeh-voeh): The nephew.
Le cousin (Loeh kuh-zanh): The cousin
La cousine (Lah kuh-zeen): The cousin (female).
Le beau-père (Loeh boh-paer): The father-in-law.
La belle-mère (Lah bael-maer): The mother-in-law.
Les parents (Ley pah-ranh): The parents.
Les enfants (Ley zanh-fanh): The children. The ‘zzz’ sound comes from what it called the “liaison” in French. When the first word ends with a consonant and the second word starts with a vowel, you have a liaison. So “Les enfants” is “ley zanhfanh”.

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