Late Roman Antiquity

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Late Roman Antiquity


The issue surrounding late Roman antiquity was not that Rome fell, but rather if it just simply ceased to exist. When Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor, was taken down by Odoacer around AD 571, Rome was redefined, but how?

Sample Problem

The problem to determine here was if a Roman infrastructure still existed in the West after the ascension of Odoacer, or was it maintained in pockets?


The first solution here is to determine what motivated Germanic tribes to invade.

Secondly, it must be determined whether or not the invaders wanted to continue the Roman legacy, or did they want to redefine it as something in their own making?

Third, if a core Roman remnant persisted, it would be worth determining what their role was in the new order, and did they have any influence?

The solution to these questions will offer a fuller picture of the fall of the Western Empire.

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