Les articles (Ley-arteekl or Ley-zarteekl) – Designators or Determinants

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Les articles (Ley-arteekl or Ley-zarteekl) - Designators or Determinants


That’s how it is easy in English: There are only 2 Determinants meaning there are things you can use to designate someone, something mainly by noun: “A” and “The”. Whether in plural or in singular form.
However in French, we have 2 categories of determinants: Definite and indefinite articles. They precede a name. For example: A table, The table translate as Une table (oewn-tahbl), La table (Lah-tahbl). It is “Une” or “La” because the word table is feminine in French.

Sample Problem

“A”, “The”.


1/ Articles indéfinis (Arteekl-anh-day-fee-nee) designate something or someone uncertain:
Masculine: “Un” (Anh)!, Feminine: “Une” (Oewn)!, Plural: “Des” (Daeh)!
For example: Un arbre (anh-ahrbr or anh-nharbr), which is a tree.
Une femme (Oewn fahm), which is a woman.
Des humains (Daeh-oewmen or Daeh-zoewmen), which is humans or some humans. These are uncertain.

2/ Articles définis (Arteekl-day-fee-nee) designate something or someone certainly.
Masculine: “Le” (Loeh)! Feminine: “La” (Lah)! Plural: “Les” (Ley or Laeh)! For example: Le Chef (Loeh-Chaef), which is The Chief or The Boss.
La Mère (Lah-Maer), which is The mother.
Les parents (Ley or Laeh-pahranh), which is The parents.

Recap: “A” in French is: Un, Une, Des. “The” in French is: Le, La, Les.
Lot of information to learn, but do not be overwhelmed.

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