Les couleurs (Ley or Leh Kuloehr) – Colors

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Les couleurs (Ley or Leh Kuloehr) - Colors


Today here is a little bit of science and physics in what we are going to learn in the sense that it is about colors. Colors are components of light although light is white on the naked eye; so we are going to learn how to say the main colors in French.
The word color is a feminine word in French: Une couleur/Les couleurs (Oewn kuloehr/Ley kuloehr) – A color/Colors.

Sample Problem

Black, Red, Purple, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown. And we can stop there as main colors in the spectrum of the Light. Although nowadays many mixtures of colors are made, let just focus on the main ones.


Noir (Nwahr)!, Rouge (Ruhj)!, Violet (Veeoleh)!, Blanc (Blanh)!, Bleu (Bloeh)! Jaune (Jhohn)!, Vert (Vaer)!, Brun (Broanh)!

In some French literature, you will find out that authors add adjectives or nouns to colors to best describe what they are transmitting. For example:
– Vert foncé (Vaer Fhon-say): Deep green or forest green.
– Rouge vermeil/ Rouge vif (Rhuj Vaer-maey): Vivid red.
– Bleu ciel (Bloeh See-el) Sky blue.
– Brun electric (Broanh Eh-lehk-treek): Electric brown
and so forth…
Also although color is feminine in French, when added an attribute, it can be masculine as it is written above. However, once you say “the color” or describing something feminine, the attribute has to take a feminine form. We will talk about that in another grammar section.

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