Les pronoms personnels (Ley pro-non-personel) – Personal pronouns

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Les pronoms personnels (Ley pro-non-personel) - Personal pronouns


Here is how you say personal pronouns in French; personal pronouns are used to designate a person, a human, sometimes a thing, which is rare.

Sample Problem

I, You, He/She/It, We, You, They.


Je (jeh)!, Tu (Tew)! Il/Elle/Il (Eel/El/Eel)! Nous (Nu)!, Vous (Vuh)!, Ils/Elles (Eel/El)!

Notice over here that the “it” in English is referred to in French as the same as the pronouns that designate the “He”. That is Il (Eel). For example, “Il fait chaud” (Eel-fey-sho) translates: It is hot.

Also, the “They” is in 2 forms in French: Masculine “Ils” and feminine “Elles”. The masculine form refers to a group of people who are males and “Elles” is for group of people who are females. In the case a group of people is composed of many females and just one male, such group is also designated by the pronoun “Ils”.

Although there are “s” at the end of some pronouns, especially in plural, French people do not sound those “s”. It is WRONG to say “Nous” as “Nus”, “Vous” as “Vus”, “Ils” as “Eels” and “Elles” as “Els”.

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