Les relations humaines (Ley relah-seeonh-ewmaen) – Human relations: Part 1.

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Les relations humaines (Ley relah-seeonh-ewmaen) - Human relations: Part 1.


Human relations are multiples in French culture and French system. They have a way to grant straight comprehension through what they are saying. This lesson is going to be a serie of different sections, but today we are going to focus on love relation.

Sample Problem

A man/The man/men; A woman/The woman/women; A boyfriend/The boyfriend/boyfriends; Fiancé/Fiancée; engagement; husband/wife; the wedding; the ring; the bouquet; honeymoon/honeymoons;
Relationship says: Love; I like; I love you; I love you (as human beings); I miss you; I want you and so forth…


Un homme/l’homme/Les hommes (anh-ohm/lohm/ley-zhom); Une femme/la femmes/Les femmes (oewn-fahm/lah-fahm/ley-fahm); Un petit-ami/le petit-ami/les petits-amis (anh-ptee-tahmee/loeh-ptee-tahmee/ley-ptee-zahmee); fiancé/fiancée (same way to say it in English ‘e’ at the end shows it’s a female); Les fiançailles (ley-fee-anh-sah-yy); Les ceremonies de mariage (ley-say-ray-monee-doeh-mah-ree-ahj); la bague (lah-bahg); le bouquet (loeh bukay); la lune de miel/les lunes de miel (lah-loewn-doeh-meael/ley-loewn-doeh-meael);

Amour (Ah-muhr); j’aime bien (jaem-bien); je t’aime (joeh-taem); je vous aime bien (joeh-vu-zaem-beanh); tu me manques (tew-moeh-manh); je veux de toi (joeh-voeh-doeh-twa).

In French, what you are saying can show straight up what you mean. So, “je t’aime” show straight up “love”. “Je vous aime bien” shows love of fellow human. When you put the adverb of manner “bien”, it changes the nature of love as simple love humans, no strings attached.
Also notice that the “I miss you” is said from the person you are saying that to: “Tu me manques” direct translation is “you lack me” and that’s how French people say “I miss you”.
In addition, “I want you” phrase is directly translated as “I want of you” or “je veux de toi”; that’s how French people say “I want you”.

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