Les salutations (Ley or Leh Sah-lwe-tah-seonh) – Greetings

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Les salutations (Ley or Leh Sah-lwe-tah-seonh) - Greetings


Greetings in French is designated by the phrase “Les Salutations”. There are 3 ways to say greet someone. They are familiar form, simple form and polite form. You use the polite form until the person is used to you or until the person tells you it’s ok to address simply:

– Familiar form of salutations are used by family members, good friends, colleagues…

-Simple form is used to greet people who are not so new to you, people who tell you it is ok to use it, formal friends…

-Polite form of greetings mainly addresses dignitaries, superiors, anybody you are meeting for the first time… It is highly recommended to use this in letter to administrations.

Sample Problem

– Familiar way: Salut! (Sah-lwe)! Hi or Hey, what’s going on, what’s up…

– Simple and polite forms: Bonjour, Bonne journée, Bon après-midi, Bonsoir, Bonne soirée, Bonne nuit.


Good morning: Bonjour (Bhohn-jur)!
Good day: Bonne journée (Bhohn-jurnay)!
Good afternoon: Bon après-midi (Bohn-ahpraeh-meedee)!
Good evening: Bonsoir (Bohn-swahr)!
Good late evening: Bonne soirée (Bhohn-swaray)!
Good night: Bonne nuit (Bhohn nwee)!

Now let’s greet with 3 forms:

-Familiar form: Salut (regardless of time), on dit quoi? (Onh-dee-kwah)?,
Ça dit quoi? (Sah-dee-kwa)? Comment se passe la journée? (Komonh-soeh-pass-lah -jurnay)? How is the day going?

-Simple form: Bounjour, comment vas-tu? (Bohn-jur, komonh-vah-thew)? Ok, passe une bonne soirée (ok, pass-ewn-bhohn swaray).

-Polite form: Bonjour Monsieur/Bonjour Madame, comment-allez vous? (Bohn-jur moeh-seeor/Bohn-jur-mah-dahm, komonh-tahlay-vuh)! Merci, passez une bonne journée (Maersee, pahsay-ewn-bhohn-jurnay)!

Greeting and talking to someone in French can actually tell who a person is for you as you use 2nd singular form of personal pronoun “tu”(thew)! for simple form and 2nd plural form of personal pronoun “vous”(vuh)! for polite form.

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