Les soins médicaux (ley-swanh-may-dee-koh): Human relations – Part 5

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Les soins médicaux (ley-swanh-may-dee-koh): Human relations - Part 5


Today we are talking about medical care as human relations. In this part 5, we will list some names of things in medical care as part of human relations.

Sample Problem

Les soins médicaux:
L’hôpital/Les hôpitaux:
Le docteur:
La doctrice:
Le reçu:
La pharmacie:
Le numéro de téléphone:
Le patient:
La patiente:
La chirurgie:
L’opération chirurgicale:
Les conseils:
La maladie:
Le remède:
Le diagnostic:
Le sérum:
La piqûre:
Le vaccin:
La seringe:
Le lit:
La chambre:
Le pharmacien:
La pharmacienne:
La consultation:
La visite médicale:
Le rendez-vous:


Les soins médicaux (ley-swanh-may-dee-koh): Medical care.
L’hôpital/Les hôpitaux (Loh-pee-tahl/ley-zoh-pee-toh): The hospital/Hospitals.
L’infirmier/L’infirmière (Lanh-feer-mee-a/Lanh-feer-mee-air): The nurse (male)/The nurse (female).
Le docteur (Loeh-dhok-toer): The docctor (male).
La doctrice (Lah-dhok-tree-s): The doctor (female).
L’ordonnance (Lhor-dhoh-nanh-s): The prescription.
Le reçu (Loeh-roeh-swe): The receipt
La pharmacie (Lah-fahr-mah-see): The drug store/The phramacy.
Le numéro de téléphone (Loeh-nwe-may-roh-doeh-tay-lay-fohn): Calling number.
Le patient (Loeh-pah-seeanh): The patient (male).
La patiente (Lah-pah-seeanht): The patient (female)
La chirurgie (Lah-Shee-rwe-r-jhee): The surgery department.
L’opération chirurgicale (Loh-pay-rah-seeonh-shee-rwe-r-jhee-kahl): The surgery.
L’hospitalisation (Lhohs-pee-tah-lee-zah-seeonh): Hospitalization.
Les conseils (Ley-kon-sayyy): Advices.
La maladie (Lah-mah-lah-dee): The sickness/The disease.
Le remède (Loeh-roeh-maed): The remedy.
Le diagnostic (Loeh-deeah-nyoh-stick): The diagnosis.
L’échographie (Lay-koh-grah-fee): The sonagram.
Le sérum (Loeh-soeh-rhum): The “In Vain” IV.
La piqûre (Lah-pee-qwe-r): The shot.
Le vaccin (Loeh-vahk-sanh): The vaccine.
La seringe (Lah-seoh-ranh-j): The seringue.
Le lit (Loeh-lee): The bed.
La chambre (Lah-shomh-br): The room.
Le pharmacien (Loeh-far-mah-seeanh): The pharmacist (male).
La pharmacienne (Loeh-far-mah-see-aen): The pharmacist (female).
La consultation (Lah-kon-swel-tah-seeonh): The consultation.
La visite médicale (Lah-vee-zeet-may-dee-kahl): Medical visit.
Le rendez-vous (Loeh-ranh-doeh-vuh): The appointment.

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