Literary Devices: Similes and Metaphors

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Literary Devices: Similes and Metaphors


Literary Devices can be used in many different ways and are often used when an author wants to stress the importance of something.
Today’s topic is going to be on Similes and Metaphors. Both are comparisons but where they differ is the key to to understanding them!
A simile is a comparison using the words “like” or “as”. This is a direct comparison (I.e. As happy as a clam, I slept like a log)
A metaphor is a comparison that is not stated directly. You will not find the words “like” or “as” to describe the comparison. (I.e. Broken Hearted or It’s raining cats and dogs)

Sample Problem

Identify whether each sentence contains a Simile or Metaphor.

1. He is as strong as an ox.
2. Time is a thief.
3.She is the apple of my eye.
4. The cat was like a wild animal.
5. She was as pretty as the moon.
6. Her eyes glistened like the sun.
7. He had a rollercoaster of emotions that day.
8. He was sick as a dog.
9.I’m feeling blue today.
10. This shirt fits like a glove.


1. Simile: He is as strong as an ox
2. Metaphor: Time is compared to a thief indirectly.
3. Metaphor: Compared indirectly
4. Simile: The cat was like a wild animal
5. Simile: She was as pretty as the moon
6. Simile: Her eyes glistened like the sun
7. Metaphor: Compared indirectly
8. Simile: He was sick as a dog
9. Metaphor: Compared indirectly
10.This shirt fits like a glove

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