Mastering Multiple Choice Questions

Elementary Math (K-6th) Tutorial

Mastering Multiple Choice Questions


I have had the pleasure of teaching at correctional facilities. Many of my students would freeze up at test time. One of the ways in which I helped them be successful, was a tutorial on how to answer multiple choice questions.

Sample Problem

How many conductors does data cabling have and what are the colors for the tip and ring of pair four?


Assessing Multiple Choice Questions
Tip1. Read the question entirely, not just a few words. If not, your understanding of the question may be wrong.
Tip2. Read the answers entirely, not just a few words. If not, your understanding of the answers may be wrong.
Tip3. Put each answer you choose as correct, back into the question, to check which one fits best.
Tip4. If several answers start with the same words, make sure you finish reading each one. Do not pick the first one, it may be wrong.
Tip5. Do not change an answer without putting the new answer you`ve picked back into the question, to verify it is correct. Your “gut reaction” to a question is usually correct.
Tip6. When two answers are obviously correct and you are not sure of a third, more than likely the answer to the question will be “all of the above”.
Tip7. If you have chosen an identical answer for different questions, make sure you re-read each one to make sure you have actually chosen the right answer for that question.
If you take the time to become proficient at using these tips your test taking will become easier and less frustrating. I know because I am speaking from experience!
Assessing Multiple Choice Questions

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I Can Break The Ice.
I have a long technical career which led me to teaching. For almost eight years I taught telecommunication courses at two correction facilities. Here I found out how much I love teaching. I have also tutored students who were in grade school through high school.
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