Middle Ages-Causes and Effects of the Crusades

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Middle Ages-Causes and Effects of the Crusades


There are causes and effects of the events for to have an impact in history whether they are significant or insignificant.

Sample Problem

What are the causes and effects of the Crusades?


1. Muslim Turks captured Jerusalem from the Byzantine Empire.
2. Muslims stopped Christians from visiting the Holy Land.
3. Christian pilgrims were attacked.
4. The Byzantine Empire feared an attack on the capital of Constantinople.

1. There were improvements in ships and cartography, which is the study of making maps.
2. Feudalism declined because feudal lords died or spend too much money on the military.
3. The Muslim Turks still ruled the Holy Land.
4. Europeans wanted to travel, and they were more interested in exotic items like spics, silk, and gold.
5. Trade and the exchange of the ideas between Europe and Asia increased.

Remember this mnemonic(memory device): I.F. Turks Traveled they would Trade.

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