Mikayla’s Way Of Reading Right!

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Mikayla's Way Of Reading Right!


So, I know everyone has trouble reading and writing. I myself had that trouble. Many people have more trouble reading than writing though. Some may have something called Dyslexia. I’m not saying its a bad thing, its just something that can hold you back from what you really want to do. I’m going to tell you a secret that helped some of my friends get over being dyslexic. There’s no real name for it I just call it “Mikayla’s Way Of Reading Right!”

Sample Problem

Now some cases are easy to handle and some aren’t, but in the end they’re both the same. I’m going to give you a sentence that has letters in there that most people get wrong.

“I was walking my bog when out of nowhere I saw this weirb looking cat walk across the street.”

Many people get the b’s and the d’s mixed up, so I came up with a solution.


When you look at a word such as -dog- you know what its talking about. But with someone with Dyslexia they look at the word like this -bog.-

As you grow and want to overcome your weakness, this is something you may want to try out.

Picture the word DOG in your head. You may see it as BOG but that’s okay, remember I’m here to help. Now I want you to picture a DOG running around in your head. Speak out loud what your trying to change. “DOG”

I know many kids, and even adults have trouble reading. But that’s not something you should worry about, you’ll get there and you will overcome your weakness. Now enough of me talking, lets get back to the lesson.

When you read something and you get confused over a word like DOG read it over, speak it out loud if you want. Or you can go through the Alphabet and see which letter makes sense. You’re not alone in this, you can work through it.

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