Motivating Yourself For a Written Assignment (Homework)

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Motivating Yourself For a Written Assignment (Homework)


Writing for homework is more sustainable after a series of steps, as writing requires energy. Using a routine to gain energy is learned. It is common to approach a written assignment feeling drained and unmotivated. There are a handful of reasons that might contribute to these feelings; not eating properly, tiredness from the day’s routine, and not having a place to study. In contrast, there is hope.

Sample Problem

Sometimes I get home feeling ill equipped to do a written assignment. I look around and see nowhere to study, all I’ve eaten the whole day was a protein bar, and I haven’t had the liberty to enjoy myself all school day. This doesn’t make me negative or easily distracted: it makes me a human being.


In this scenario, my day has been all work and no play. I had barely come up for air during my long school day. I stop and think about what makes me happy; riding my bicycle, exercising, or watching Netflix. I pick one of those things to decompress. I then turn to my kitchen and realize I’m hungry. I pick a healthy food to boost my energy. Fruit, vegetable soup, or a smoothie are my usual go-tos. At this point I feel more clear-headed and happy. I see that there is nowhere inviting enough for me to write. I attempt a better study space; I turn on white noise (I play nature sounds on Youtube), I turn off my cell phone, I declutter my designated spot, and decorate it with fun colors. I enjoy being by a window and sometimes even outside. Finally, I am ready to begin my written assignment. To sum it all up, there is hope to feeling too drained for a written assignment.

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