Multiply by 2’s


When multiplying any numbers together, it does not matter which order the numbers are multiplied. For example, 2 times 4 can also be solved as 4 times 2. The number will still equal the same thing.
When multiplying by 2’s, you are doubling the number opposite of the 2. When you are multiplying 2 times 2, you are doubling the two. Which means 2 two different times, is four. You can also look at the problem as 2 plus 2 because you are doubling the 2.
If you have the problem 2 times 3, you are going to be doubling the 3. Three two different times is 6 (3+3=6).
This rule applied to any number multiplied by 2.

Sample Problem

2 times 4 =
2 times 6 =
2 times 7 =
2 times 10 =


8 (4+4=8)
12 (6+6=12)
14 (7+7+14)
20 (10+10=20)

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