Not just left to right

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Not just left to right


Most of the time, we are shown only one way to learn a new word. It goes from left to right, one letter at a time, and if there is a problem, we are simply to keep repeating it the same way.
However! Some people like more variety, and their brain wants to do things differently so it can remember more. So, remember you do not always have to just go left to right. Think of how you remember something, and if it is not just left to right, then you should not be learning it just left to right! 😉

Sample Problem

Let’s take learning and remembering the word, “Wednesday”, for our younger students. It is usually the most difficult to learn to spell.


Now, all the days of the week have the word, “day” in them, so that is the first thing to remember. (Note how we have already discarded the “left to right” rule.)
Then, some day a person may/ may not get married (it may even be on a Wednesday ;), and another word for that is, “wed”. Now, we have “Wed ___ day”. (Reminder: all days are started with a capital letter) The only thing left to do is remember, “nes”, and most can do that!
It may seem strange or a lot more “work”, but many students will find it “fun” and easier to learn this way. Additionally, it’s not so “boring” because there is a “story” that goes with it.
Additionally, a mnemonic that a lot of teachers use is to simply sound the word out like it is spelled. In this case, “Wed-nes-day” or “ka-nif-ee” for knife. That idea can also be more “fun” and aid for increased retention.
“Entertain the brain, and it will retain!”

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