One-Step Equation

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One-Step Equation


Solving a One-Step equation is to find the solution for an unknown.

Sample Problem

Use the following information to answer the question below.

Look at what you know then decide exactly what you need to compute to solve the problem.

John buys a box of chocolate for $3.50, and a snicker. if the total he spent was $4.25, how much did he pay for the snicker?







Let the unknown (snicker) be X:
Step 1: Write an equation
Step 2: Equation form $3.50 + X (snicker) = $4.25
Step 3: Keep unknown by itself and remove number to the other side. To do so, perform the reverse operation to remove number and transpose it to the other side of the equation.
$3.50 – $3.50 + X = $4.25 – $3.50 (Whatever is done on one side of the equation is also done to the other side, hence subtracting $3.50 from both sides of the equation.
Step 4: X = $4.25 – $3.50
X = $0.75
So one snicker costs $0.75

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