Operation on Functions

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Operation on Functions


The following are the operations on Functions:
a. for the sum f+h, (f+h)(x)=f(x)+h(x)
b. for the difference, (f-h)(x)=f(x)-h(x)
c. for the product, (f*h)(x)=f(x)*h(x)
d. for the quotient, (f/h)(x)=f(x)/h(x)

Sample Problem

Let f(x)=2x+3; h(x)=3x-1, find:
a. (f+h)(x)
b. (f-h)(x)
c. (f*h)(x)
d. (f/h)(x)


a. (f+h)(x)

b. (f-h)(x)

c. (f*h)(x)

d. (f/h)(x)
= f(x)/h(x)= (2x+3)/(3x-1)

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