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Negative power differentiation

We can rewrite each rational term in the expression as a negative power of x

Derivatives of inverse trigonometric function

the formula for the derivative of arctan(x)=1/(1+x2).

What are the properties of quadrilaterals?

In geometry, the parallelogram and the trapezoid are the fundamental quadrilaterals respectively to classify their own type. The types of parallelograms are the rectangle, rhombus, and square. The types of the trapezoid are the isosceles trapezoid and a right trapezoid.

Implicit differentiation

In implicit differentiation, we differentiate both sides of the equation according to x and treat y as an implicit function of x

Implicit differentiation(advanced)

d/dx(sinx)=cosx d/dx(y)=1.dy/dx

Triangle Proofs

In triangle proofs, we try to prove two triangles to be congruent based on the five main theorems alongside with some other statements to fill out or given. However, they are two triangle theorems that are known as “donkey theorems” because the two triangles are not congruent.

Implicit differentiation

power rule d/dx(xn)=nx(n-1) chain rule (f(g(x))’=f'(g(x)).g(x)

Differentiate rational functions

d/dx(xn)=nx(n-1) d/dx(x)=1 d/dx(c)=0


In France and Russia, there were slogans shouting out for what the vast majority of the people wanted during the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

How to Find Prime Numbers In A Chart of 1 to 100?

Finding prime numbers in a chart of 1 to 100 can be helpful to memorize and to understand with dealing with small numbers. However, a chart would not be practical for doing homework, a quiz, or a test. Nevertheless, the steps that I have provided in dealing with numbers from 1 to 100 is a…