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Finding the Area of a Triangle

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to find the area of a triangle.

How to find the derivative of an equation

In Calculus, you will need to know how to find the derivative of an equation to solve many problems. So here is how to find the derivative effectively!

Point Source Sound

The intensity of a sound is the amount of energy that passes through a given area in a given time. I= E/A*t This equation can also be expressed in terms of power because power is equal to energy over time. I=P/A Sound from a point source will radiate from the source in every direction (spherical)…

Mikayla’s Way Of Reading Right!

So, I know everyone has trouble reading and writing. I myself had that trouble. Many people have more trouble reading than writing though. Some may have something called Dyslexia. I’m not saying its a bad thing, its just something that can hold you back from what you really want to do. I’m going to tell…

Beginner Algebra

This tutorial is to introduce students to the concept of having a variable in a problem. A variable can be identified as a letter such as X or Y in an equation. The goal for the equation with a variable is to figure out what the variable’s value is. In this equation we will be…

Parts of Speech Party

Every word in the English language is one of eight parts of speech. By learning those parts of speech, we began to learn how words work together. By learning how words connect and work together, we find ways to add variety and depth to our writing; and we find it easier to recognize and correct…

Honesty is key

The biggest problem with beginning writers and writers who struggle is that they are trying to be something they’re not. The key to good writing is honesty. The reason people are trying instead of being is that they lack confidence or they lack information. Confidence comes with time, but information is the fastest way to…

Limiting Reagents & Moles

In a Chemistry lab you are asked to figure out how many moles of Al2O3 can be produced from the reaction of 10.0g of Al and 19.0g of O3.

Here’s a Reading Secret: It’s OK to Skim!

Students are told time-and-time again to not “skim through the reading.” Instead, students are instructed to pay attention to the details, to analyze every other sentence, to thoroughly read through the material, etc. While I recognize that these methods can be useful, the truth is: This usually isn’t the case. I, rather, encourage students to…

Calculus Integration

Calculus is how different things vary with respect to one another. There are two main components, differentiation and integration. We will do an integration problem here.