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The Spirit Of The Pen

The reading of imaginary worlds is taken with disapproval by some students, unfathomable riches by other students with a keen sense for creativity and artistry. In literature, these types of novels constitute a source of entertainment that can justifiably serve to enrich the intellect of the reader and, ultimately, the audience at large. The context…

Expressing Literary Concepts In Writing

A quick examination of a novel can probably uncover a sufficient amount of information for the assignment. The matter becomes entirely more complex when the novel is one among many timely course obligations. The objective then shifts to comprehension and effusive expression rather than mere identification and reiteration of themes. In this context, an efficient…

How To Calculate The Age Of The Universe

Have you ever wondered how astronomers calculate the age of the universe? In this tutorial, you will learn about the astronomical theories that allow astronomers to make such calculations, including the Big Bang theory and the expansion of the universe. You will also learn about several key astronomical observations that serve as evidence for these…

The Process Behind The Essay

Even the most able student eventually encounters the one subject or the one assignment that proves to be an insurmountable challenge. While other students have moved from the essay assignment to math or science with ease, some find it almost impossible to produce an essay worthy of praise. For this reason, the following discussion will…

Genetics: Inheritance

Mendel formulated a theory of inheritance based on experiments with garden peas, proposing that parents pass on to their offspring discrete genes that retain their identity through generations. The fundamental principles of inheritance are called the law of segregation and the law of independent assortment.

Solving for Vertical Asymptotes of Rational Functions

You can tell the function graphed above has a vertical asymptote at x=2 as the graph on the left and right sides of x=2 approach negative infinity and positive infinity, respectively. However, how do we determine the vertical asymptote(s) of a rational function without a graph? In order to find a vertical asymptote of a…

Direct Variation vs. Inverse Variation

The SAT often asks questions about direct variation and inverse variation. These questions use wording like “…varies directly with…”, “…varies inversely with…”, “…is directly proportional to…” and “…is inversely proportional to…” The formulas for direct and inverse variation are as follows. Direct Variation As one variable increases, the other variable increases proportionately.

    \[ y=kx \]

SAT Remainder Questions: Divisibility, Factors, and Multiples

The SAT often asks questions about remainders. These questions require you to work with divisibility, factors, and multiples. Here is a typical SAT remainder question.