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Parts of Speech Party


Every word in the English language is one of eight parts of speech. By learning those parts of speech, we began to learn how words work together. By learning how words connect and work together, we find ways to add variety and depth to our writing; and we find it easier to recognize and correct weak writing.

Sample Problem

The eight parts of speech are:

I’m going to begin with nouns. A noun is a person, a place, a thing, or an idea.

For example:

classmate (person)
library (place)
baseball (thing)
freedom (idea)


Nouns have a number. They can be either singular or plural. If we are talking about one unit of an object (i.e. a single book), then the noun is singular. If we are talking about more than one unit of an object (i.e. all of the books in the library), then the noun is plural.

Book = singular books = plural
table = singular tables = plural
baby = singular babies = plural

It should be noted that while the number of the noun can affect which words are put with it, its number does not change its part of speech. If we have “one tire,” tire is a noun; and if we have “four tires”, tires is a noun.

Apart from having number, there are two other ways in which we label nouns. All nouns are either common or proper. A common noun refers to a general (or non-specific) person, place, thing or idea. A proper noun is a specific or particular person, place, thing or idea.

For example:

Common Proper
canyon The Grand Canyon
statue The Statue of Liberty
grandpa Grandpa Henderson

Finally, all nouns are either concrete or abstract. Basically, this division points out the fourth category for nouns, ideas. If you can see it or touch it, it is a concrete noun. If you cannot see it or touch it, it is an abstract noun. Abstract nouns are ideas, and you cannot touch an idea. We have symbols, things that stand for those ideas. However, the symbol of a thing is different from the thing itself. For instance, our flag is a symbol of freedom, but that piece of fabric with the stars and stripes on it is not freedom, itself.

Examples of Abstract nouns

Freedom anger fear rage defeat
Love sadness confidence poverty victory
Hope happiness health honor passion
Peace bravery cowardice justice compassion

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