Percent Yield Calculation

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Percent Yield Calculation


When given the mass of one reactant and the mass of the final product, we can use stoichiometry to find the percent yield of the product.

Sample Problem

If 120.7g phosphorous pentachloride (molar mass=208.2g/mol) is formed when 64.2g of chlorine gas (molar mass=70.90g/mol) reacts with excess phosphorous trichloride, calculate the percent yield for the reaction.


Step 1: write out the balanced equation
= PCl3 + Cl2 -> PCl5

Step 2: convert from grams Cl2 to grams PCl5
= 64.2g x 1mol/70.90g x 1molPC5/1molCl2 x 208.2g/1mol = 188.525g

Step 3: calculate percent yield
= 120.7g/188.525g x 100% = 64.02%

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