Persian, Farsi or Parsi?

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Persian, Farsi or Parsi?


The official language of Iran is sometimes called Farsi in English and other languages. This is a correct transliteration of the native name of the language, however many, including the ISO and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, prefer the name Persian for the language. Some speakers use the older local name: Parsi (ﭘﺎرﺳﯽ)

Sample Problem

Persian has seven vowel sounds: â (/ɒː/), a (/æ/), e (/e/), I (/iː/), o (/o/), u (/uː/), ow (/ou/)

The Persian Alphabet for example:


Type of writing system: abjad – includes letters only for consonants. Vowels, when indicated, are written with diacritics and/or combinations of consonant letters
Direction of writing: right to left in horizontal lines; numerals written from left to right.

Hello: سلام (Salâm)

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