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Persuasive Essay


Here are some basic tips and ideas for writing a persuasive essay.

Sample Problem

Write a persuasive essay on why one should start to join in the activity of playing golf.


First do some prewriting activities such as freewriting, clustering, outlining, or brainstorming. Ask yourself, why would your reader want to try the sport of golf, then sort out some valid reasons, examples and personal anecdotes. Then write a rough draft. Longer essays tend to score higher, so try to write at least 350 words.
Sample Essay:
Playing golf is a challenging sport, especially when you first begin. If you can avoid frustration when first beginning, you will find golf to be a highly rewarding and enjoyable sport. Why is golf so difficult at first? The golf ball is very small in relation to other sports such as tennis or baseball. Golf requires different muscles to be involved with the golf swing. Also, a good grip is not easy to acquire without a gifted instructor. However, once you master the grip and posture a repeatable swing will be an attainable goal for you. Then, you will find that when you hit a great shot, you will keep coming back for more.
Your first goal in golf will be to be able to break the score of 100 on a regular golf course. I suggest you begin with a shorter golf course of under 6,000 yards to begin with. As you steadily improve your “game,” you can try a more challenging course of over 6,000 yards. When you first break 100, you will be hooked on this game for life! The more you practice your swing and your “short game,” the better you will become. A par score is a very good score for one hole. This score of par means it took from one to three shots to get to the green (depending on the length of the hole), and then two putts after you reach the green. The average golf course has about four par 3’s, 10 par 4’s, and four par 5’s. As your progress in golf, you may soon be able to break a score of 90. Congratulations, you are becoming an average golfer!
If you can play golf two to three times per week, you may eventually be able to break a score of 80. This means you are better than average. If you can play in the 70’s on a regular basis, you are a very good golfer. Once you break 75, you are becoming an elite golfer, and if you actually break 70 or 72, you are approaching professional status. Anyone with a handicap of two or less, can compete with the best! Golf is a sport that requires time and patience to become proficient. However, once you find yourself making birdies (one under par) on a regular basis, you will want to continue to improve. Then you will become a golf lover, for sure! (385 words in length)

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