Present Tense Verbs

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Present Tense Verbs


In almost every language, verbs conjugate, meaning they change depending on who they’re talking about. For example, “I run” is not the same as “she runs.” The verb (run) changed when it was talking about her instead of me. In Spanish, all verbs end with -ar, -er, or -ir and to conjugate them, you change this ending.

Person Ending
I (yo) -o

you (familiar)
(tú) -es, -as

s/he, it,
you (formal)
(él, ella, usted) -e, -a

we (nosotros/as) -amos, -emos, -imos

you (plural
only used in
(vosotros) -éis, -áis

you (plural)
(ustedes) -en, -an

Sample Problem

How is “comer” (to eat) conjugated?
“Hablar” (to talk)?


Yo como, hablo
Tu comes, hablas
Ella come, habla
Nosotros comemos, hablamos
Vosotros coméis, habláis
Ustedes comen, hablan

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