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Progressive Era


Even though Theodore Roosevelt was the “trustbuster”, his two successors, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson had dealt with the same issue of trusts and monopolies.

Sample Problem

What was the difference of their methods of breaking up the trusts?


-Theodore Roosevelt believed in the executive power to break up the trusts, but he regulated the trusts to better serve the people as a whole.
-William Howard Taft beleived in the courts to deal with the breaking up the trusts, and he did it more aggressively in his four years than Roosevelt did in his 7-and-a-half years of his tenure as President.
-Theodore Roosevelt had broken up 44 trusts, and William Howard Raft had broken up 90 trusts.
-Woodrow Wilson signed the legislation, which was the Clayton-Antitrust Act(1914).
-He used it to strengthen the Sherman Antitrust Act(1890) to outlaw trust, monopolies, and cartels.
-The newly Federal Trade Commision, which was formed from the Federal Trade Commision Act(1914), enforced the law.

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