Pronouncing the English TH sound

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Pronouncing the English TH sound


Most people learning English as a foreign language have problems with pronouncing words correctly, and since we speak with sounds pronouncing a word incorrectly can end up in devastating consequences.

Sample Problem

The most important sound in the English language that is not used in most languages is the TH sound like in words – THis, THat, faTHer and moTHer. People have a hard time pronouncing it. But in reality it`s very easy if you do it correctly.


The TH sound is pronounced by lifting the tip of your tongue and making the tip touch your upper teeth. The tongue should touch the bottom backside of your upper teeth. Ater doing that just blow out air. If it`s hard in the beginning, just clench the tip of your tongue between the teeth or even touch your upper lip with the tip and it should be very easy to pronounce the TH sound correctly.

There are 2 types of the TH sound – 1) The “Voiced” or “Hard” TH sound, 2) The “Voiceless” or “Soft” TH sound.

The voiced TH sound is produced with your voice or vibrations and is used in words like – this, these, weather and bathe. It sounds almost like the buzzing sound of a bumblebee.
The voiceless TH sound is produced by simply blowing out air and not using any sound. It is used in words like – think, thing, three and bath.
In both versions the tip of the tongue is always up and should be touching your upper teeth.

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