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Most of the people do their work with wrong words or wrong capitalizations. I am here to teach you how to correct mistakes formally so if someone tries to make you check their work, you can do it in a clean way.

Sample Problem

i am Here 2 proofRe ad



If a letter is supposed to be capital, you’re going to put three underlines at the letter.
Example: i am here to proofread.
Answer: put three underlines on “i”.


If a letter is not supposed to be capital, you’re going to put a normal slash on the capital letter.

Correcting a letter or word

If “to” is presented as “2”, put on a slash with a spiral at the end at the number.then write the correct word above it.
The slash w/ spiral is also used for erasing words or correcting words.
Example: I am very happyy.
Answer: put a slash w/ spiral on the excess letter.
Example: I don’t need this you.
Answer: put a slash w/ on “this”.
Erasing a word sometimes depends on the sentence grammar.
Example: the cat is barking.
Answer: put a slash w/ on “cat” and write dog on top of the slashed letter.

Spacing between words and letters

This happens frequently in handwritings. A letter in a word gets too far apart from each other. Put a ark above and below the two letters.
Example: let’s go! We’ll be la te.
Answer: put an arc above and below “a” and “t”.
This method is can also be use on punctuations.

No punctuations

If a sentence has no punstuations, put the punctuation sign to it’s designated area and encircle it.

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