Reading for Information vs Reading for Comprehension

Elementary Reading (K-6th) Tutorial

Reading for Information vs Reading for Comprehension


Elementary students have a very open mind which is just beginning to focus on the academic process.

When reading, most elementary students think about how the information affects them or integrates into what they already know. When focusing on reading to answer questions, you have to train their minds to think only about what the author has said, not their thoughts.

Ways to do this include: Discussing with them what the author is saying. When they bring in their own ideas, listen; then explain why they need to concentrate on what the author wants them to learn. Impress upon them that the test will be only about what the author is saying. Above all, do not dissuade them from having opinions and bringing what they know into the thought process.

When they understand this concept, have them explain in their own words what the author is trying to express. Ensure that they understand that this is for a reading comprehension exercise.

Sample Problem

The article is about volcanoes. The student has an interest in volcanoes and wants to add comments about his favorite.


You listen to what he has to say and complement him on his knowledge.
Remind him that it is a reading comprehension exercise about what the author wants him to know.
Go over the questions and help him find the answers.
Enforce that this is a reading comprehension exercise.
Comment on his knowledge of the subject last thing to leave positive enforcement in his mind.

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