Robust Approach to dismantle every problem in a logical manner : Decoding the Problem

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Robust Approach to dismantle every problem in a logical manner : Decoding the Problem


let f1=A*B/f2 , f2=B-f3/C , f3=C+2tan(X)…. suppose value of parameter A,B,C and X is given and the question ask the value of parameter f1. Here for your simplicity I have written the expression for f1 , f2 and f3 but what i am trying to convey that hundreds of such expressions you would have remembered during your preparation.How to use those formulas and expression perfectly during exam is the real challenge.

Sample Problem

find f1 if value of parameter A=a,B=b,C=c and X=x


In exam , the primary concern of any student is what to do with the given data and how to proceed . I am trying to address the same pin point . I am just giving a simple and initial level of problem solving strategy later in my course i will go in detail analysis of this revolutionary approach.

Approach : as follows

1. A , B , C , X is given and f1 is to be calculated

first start thinking about f1. Recollect in which chapter(Let chap P) you encounter the formulas or expression related to f1. Then i believe you will reproduce f1=A*B/f2 in your conscious mind . Then think about the parameters in the expression of f1 and the given data.After mapping you will get that somehow you get the value of f2 then you will crack the problem.Think in which chapter (let for example chap Q) you encountered the formula related to f2. Then automatically you will recollect expression related to f2=B-f3/C .Again situation is similar as you require f3. Proceed further in similar manner and recollect the expression of f3 and you will end up with f3=C+2tan(X) .That’s it find f3 using the simple calculation ,put the value of f3 in the expression f2 to get value of f2. Finally use f2 to get f1 and your problem is finished.


It may sound you lengthy but it’s most tested approach among student community.It is the most general and simple decoded way to crack every problem in logical manner . Above problem is level 3 problem as i call it as it involve 3 expressions/formula which you have to recall from memory.This can be “n” level problem requiring “n” formulas/expressions from various chapter of the concerned syllabus . This is the simplest way to deal the problem.

I have to share more tips and strategy with you guys so be ready .

Cracking problem is like enjoying the various stages of game .Its funny attractive and rational . Enjoy and Best of luck !!!

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