To round a number, you must look at the place value that is requested and use the number to the right of that one to determine what your answer looks like.

Sample Problem

Round 25.9876 to the nearest hundredth


First one must understand place values. The “hundredths place” is the second number after the decimal. On this problem, that is the number 8. This place value is what your final answer must end at.
To round 25.9876 to the nearest hundredth, look at the number to the right of 8. If it is 5 or more, you would round up from 8 to 9. If it is 4 or less, then you would stay at 8. Since the number in question is a 7, then the 8 is rounded up to the number 9. Once again, your final answer ends in the place value that is asked to round to. Your final answer would be 25.99

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