Same word, Different Meaning!

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Same word, Different Meaning!


The English language has so many ways to express themselves through words. It can be difficult and confusing to young children. These words sound the same but have different meaning and spellings!

Sample Problem

They’re are so many places to go, I wonder where this road will lead me. In this sentence, the bolded word is used incorrectly, what is the correct word?





Step one. Locate the bolded word and reread the first sentence carefully. Which in this one is They’re.
Step two. Go through the word choice carefully. Break down each word and understand its meaning. Which in this one is They’re, they’re is two words put together, thererfore when reading this sentence, you would read it as they are. In this sentence that is incorrect. The next one is Their. Their is what I like to call the possession word because it is give ownership to an object, person, or place. Their is incorrect for this sentence. Lastly is There. There can be used in many context, such as a place. There would be the correct word for this answer as it can go for more than just one meaning.
Step 3. Use the correct the word in the sentence to make sure the sentence in the word.
Short Cut Method for they’re, there, and their:

Look on that tree what do you see?
THEY ARE apples! But wait, who do they belong to? Those are THEIR apples! But wait, the apples are falling, where did they go? On the ground, THERE are the apples!

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