Selecting a book to read

Elementary Writing (K-6th) Tutorial

Selecting a book to read


Are you having trouble selecting a book to read? Many times selecting a book to read can be difficult. Whether you are in a library with your class or in a bookstore, there are so many books to choose from. So, here are some things to consider.

Sample Problem

You need to be able to select a book that is interesting, will keep you glued to each page as your read so that you learn from what you’ve read, and a book that will keep you turned on to reading more books!


1. Before selecting a book think about what you know.
2. Make a list of what you know about so that you can look for books about
what you know.
Examples: sports, painting, pets, cooking, art
3. Now make another list about types of stories you like to read:
Example: biography (about real people), ghost stories, funny stories,
mysteries, adventure
4. Take your list with you to the library or bookstore.
5. Look up the books according to your list.
6. Look at the book cover, flip through and look at words, print, the back cover.
7. You can read the inside book cover or that back cover to read a small summary
of what the book may be about.
8. Some books will have a grade level on it. But you should chose a book that
you will enjoy reading not because it is on your grade level.
9. Books can suggest a grade level, but a grade level is not a reading level.
10. A reading level is the level you read well and understand what you are
reading with much enjoyment because you understand.
11. So, now you are ready to go and select a book. Have fun and Happy Reading.

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