Solving a Two-Step Equation

Algebra 1 Tutorial

Solving a Two-Step Equation


• Your objective is to get the variable isolated on one side and then get it all alone. Also, Remember whatever you do to one side you must do the other. This requires two steps.
• Definitions
-A Variable is a letter of the alphabet that represents a number
-A Constant is a number on its own
EX. 2x+3=5
The constants here are 3 and 5

Step 1: Get all variables on 1 side and all constants (numbers) on the other side!
Step 2: Isolate the variable: Make the variable be by itself

Sample Problem

5x+1 = 6


Example 1: 5x+1 = 6
Step 1: -1 -1

What’s left 5x = 5
Step 2: Divide both sides by 5

ANSWER: x= 1

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