Solving Equations with Variables

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Solving Equations with Variables


The following is an example of an equation that requires multiplication, addition and subtraction knowledge with variables. This equation is solving for X. The final result should include variable X on one side of the equal sign with an number on the other.

Sample Problem

4(x+6)= -20







1. The number outside the parentheses must be multiplied by the variable and and digit inside while keeping the same format: 4 x n= 4n 4 x 6=20

2. This creates a new equation:
4x+24= -20

3. The goal is to get x by itself. The first logical step is to have the 24 equal to 0 on the side with the variable. To obtain this 24 must be subtracted from both sides.
4x + 24 (-24) = -20 – 24
since 24 – 24 =0 this leaves and -20 – 24= -44
4x = -44

4. X is still not alone. The final step is to divide 4 by both sides.

4X = -44 4X/4= 1X or X and -44/4= -11
— —
4 4

5. Final result x=-11

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