Solving for x and other variables, multiple problem subjects

Algebra 1 Tutorial

Solving for x and other variables, multiple problem subjects


I am very proficient with Mathematics. I have taken Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Pre Calculus in High School. I have tutored High School students for the Math portion of the High School Exit Exam. I am confident in my abilities to help any student with their Math problems! I am eager and willing to help!

Sample Problem


x squared + 10 =26


Combine like x terms in the 1st problem to equal 23x.

2nd problem: Subtract 10 from both sides to get x squared = 16
Square root both sides to get x = 4.

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I have tutored a couple students for Math and reading in the High School Exit Exam during a month's time. This was at the Tulare County Literacy Center. I am an advanced and proficient reader. I know language and pronunciation well! I have mentored student age kids in Boy Scouts as an Assistant ...
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