Solving for x

Algebra 1 Tutorial

Solving for x


These types of problems are used to solve for x and find a more simplified expression with only one value for x.

Sample Problem

Solve for x 2(x+6)= 9x+7.


2(x+6)= 9x+7

Distribute the 2 on the left side of the equation to inside of the parentheses.

2x + 12= 9x +7

Bring the 12 over to the right side of the equation by subtraction.

2x= 9x -5

Combine the 2x and the 9x to form one expression

0= 7x – 5

Add the 5 over to the other side to get the 7x equal to a value.

Simplify the x by dividing by 7
x= 5/7

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