Special Needs- Autism and Math Student

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Special Needs- Autism and Math Student


The student is on the autism spectrum and for the first time taking elementary math or in high school math. Is it possible to excel?

Sample Problem

Students with ADD or ADHD or on autism spectrum tend to excel in mathematics. But is the instructor or tutor that triggers helpful abilities that the student can use for the rest of their life solving math problems.


1. Identify the math problem solving indicators. If the student is doing elementary math with addition or subtraction multiplication and division you must identify where the trouble is confronted. If the child cannot recognize the numbers and does not properly add them up. Then that is the focus. You can not advance to multiplication until the foundation of addition is solved. This is also true but the special needs student having trouble taking algebra. If they did not have a solid foundation of the basic math skills they cannot proceed with any success in Geometry or algebra. The solution is to take the time to set the foundation and refresh the skills. Even it is counting fingers or making hash marks on a piece of paper to know what’s 6 times 7 is it must be done.

2. Find The Passion of the special needs student. Is it video games. Super Mario Brothers Etc. Integrate these games with math problem solving. Many great resources on the internet upon a Google search of those keywords.

Music maybe the passion. And it is very easy to integrate mathematical computations when learning to read music. But if reading music becomes tedious you can also use Rhythm games to count the beats and multiply how many beats per measure throughout a song. How many consonants or syllables in a word is another way. If the passion is reading.
What if the passion is watching Birds? Explore your own mind and do the research to build a strong Foundation of math skills for your student.

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